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Leadership Training

Gordy Curphy is co-author of the number one selling leadership textbook in North America, Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience (6ed.), which has been adopted by 450 colleges and universities, and has 25 years of experience designing and delivering leadership training programs at the United States Air Force Academy, the Center for Creative Leadership, Personnel Decisions International, and The Blandin Foundation.

We have designed and delivered .5 to 5 day customized leadership programs for the full range of organizational personnel from student leaders to senior executives. These programs make extensive use of assessments, case studies, simulations, lecturettes, experiential exercises, and applied practice in order to help participants develop new frameworks and skills for building high performing teams and getting results through others. Some of the training modules designed and delivered by Curphy Consulting Corporation include:

  • Understanding the Role of a Leader
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Benchmarking
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Managing Execution
  • Driving Change
  • Inspiring and Motivating Others
  • Empowerment
  • Managing Performance
  • Credibility
  • Coaching Others
  • Development Planning
  • Followership
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Fostering Open Communication
  • Managing Conflict
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Public Speaking
  • Internal Consulting Skills

Unlike many leadership training firms offering off-the-shelf solutions, Curphy Consulting Corporation prefers working with human resource and leadership professionals to create leadership training programs that are tailored to meet an organization’s business needs.

In a recent engagement, Curphy Consulting Corporation worked with the head of leadership development of a Fortune 200 company to create two different two-day programs for first-line supervisors and another two-day program for mid-level managers.  The company had not done any systematic leadership training during the previous five years, and the company’s operational and safety performance was on the decline.  Curphy Consulting Corporation created Leader’s Kits and conducted a series of train-the-trainer programs in order to prepare 12 external and 80 internal facilitators to deliver these three programs.  Curphy Consulting Corporation then worked with the head of leadership development to assign internal and external trainers to deliver these programs to 3,500 managers across North America over a one year period.  The company’s operational, financial, and safety performance saw dramatic improvements partly as a result of these leadership development efforts.

The costs for designing and delivering Curphy Consulting Corporation leadership development programs varies extensively, with the key cost drivers being the number of days needed to design the program and create the training materials, the type and number of assessment used, the number of days needed deliver the program, and whether the program will be delivered by Curphy Consulting Corporation staff or internal resources.   Contact us to obtain a price estimate suited to your needs.

Succession Planning
Curphy Consulting Corporation also has extensive experience in the design and implementation of company-wide succession planning processes, and helps companies determine who makes up their strategic talent pools and what processes to use to assess talent. We are well-versed in helping executives assess talent, conduct succession planning discussions, and design succession planning forms and processes.

These services help senior executives get a realistic view of leadership bench strength, gain alignment on the strengths and shortfalls of their succession candidates, and create follow-on interventions to shore up talent gaps. These succession planning discussions also help companies make wiser investment decisions regarding who to spend development dollars on and the kind of development programs to fund.

The cost for succession planning consulting varies dramatically. The biggest cost driver is the number of days Curphy Consulting Corporation needs to help design the succession planning process and conduct succession planning discussions.  Contact us to obtain a price estimate suited to your needs. 

  • Organizational Audits
    There are times that executives want an outside perspective on the problems, structure, strengths, shortcoming, culture, and leadership bench strength of one or more business unit or function. Curphy Consulting Corporation brings a knowledgeable and neutral third party viewpoint to bear on this requirement.
  • In a recent engagement, a senior executive in charge of operations of a $6 billion P&L in Western US and Canada had concerns about several of the business units reporting to him.  He asked Curphy Consulting Corporation to conduct organizational audits on three of these units, and we began by reviewing all the pertinent marketing, sales, financial, operational, maintenance, environmental, and safety performance of these units.  We conducted extensive interviews with front-line, functional, mid-level, and business unit leaders in these business units, and then identified the key themes from reviews and interviews to write up an Organizational Audit Report that described the major strengths and problems and provided recommendations for addressing these issues for each business unit. Based on recommendations provided in these reports, the three business units were consolidated into a single business unit and several underperforming leaders were replaced with high performing leaders.  As a result, the new business unit reported dramatic improvements in margins and operational performance as well as employee morale and turnover.

  • To see a sample of Organizational Audit Report click here

The costs for conducting an organization audit ranges from $12,500-20,000 plus expenses.   Price estimated can be obtained by contacting Curphy Consulting Corporation.

Strategic Planning/Organizational Alignment
Virtually all organizations do some form of strategic planning, but few actually follow through on these plans. The reality is that strategic plans are more likely to clutter up bookshelves than guide behavior and drive change in organizations.

Curphy Consulting Corporation helps organizations build a comprehensive strategic framework that identifies shared assumptions for key stakeholders, clarifies one- and three-year goals for each shareholder group, and identifies short and long-term initiatives for achieving these goals. The initial framework is reviewed and edited at least two levels below the senior leadership team using an iterative process in order to improve alignment and buy-in. Owners for the company’s strategic goals are assigned, and action learning teams are often created in order to flesh out action plans for the company’s one and three year initiatives. Regular strategic planning and action learning team reviews are built into the process in order to ensure that strategic plans are understood and being acted up by all the key leaders in an organization.

The costs for helping organizations create a Strategic Business Framework and creating organizational alignment ranges from $50,000-250,000 plus expenses, with final costs depending on the number of workshops and action learning teams involved with the project. Contact Curphy Consulting Corporation to obtain a price estimate.

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