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Take the Dr. Gordy test…

The Dr. Gordy test consists of two simple steps, which are as follows:

1. Count the total number of people you have worked for in the past. This total should include coaches, team leads, shift supervisors, bosses, etc.

2. Count how many of these former bosses you would willingly work for again.

Most people that take this test list only 4 out of 10 managers as people they would want to work for again. While the test may not be scientific, it’s a damning indictment about the level of leadership in most companies. Poor leadership doesn’t just kill morale, it kills performance, and ultimately – financial results.

At Curphy Consulting, our teachable point of view is simple: We know how to select and develop leaders that can build high performing teams AND get results. Our services specialize in three key areas: Building High Performing Executives, High Performing Teams, and High Performing Organizations. Call us today at (651) 493-3734 for more information.

High Performing Executives
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High Performing Teams
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High Performing Organizations
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